The purpose of Concert Band Music for Small School Bands, is to provide band directors with affordable concert band music for their instrumental music programs.   

Some of the compositions were written for my middle school beginning band students as instructional aides to assist them as they were learning their first notes, as well as various rhythms in their band method book.  

All of the compositions were written with the goal of providing students with “fun” songs that they would enjoy playing by themselves, and performing with others at concerts and various events.  

The percussion parts were written for limited percussion.  However, this should hopefully allow the more advanced players at each level the opportunity to play along on a quad/quint (if desired), as they create their own unique personal part for each song.  

It is my hope that all of the compositions will provide students with songs that they will enjoy learning to play, and provide other music educators with a teaching tool that can be used to motivate and encourage their students.    


Music Levels  

The levels placed on all of the songs, are based entirely on my personal experience with the students that I had the privilege of teaching at the middle school level.  They don’t correspond with any national grading scale, and are just my opinion.  Each year, there were always some motivated first year students who were able to play the Level 2, and Level 3 music by the end of the year. 

Level 1  

1st year beginning players should be able to play the song by the end of the year.  

Level 2  

2nd year players should be able to play the song by the end of the year.  

Level 3  

3rd year players should be able to play the song by the end of the year. 



You have permission to do the following:  

 Sheet Music  

To make unlimited copies of the parts for each of your students.  Please don’t make copies for other band directors.  


To make copies for your students to practice with, and if needed, sell the audio to your students at a

minimal cost to help pay for your cost.  


All of the songs are copyrighted  


* * * Please if you have a question, or find a mistake – let me know, and I will send you a corrected part. * * *